Entry to GDKO Round 4.

Captain Gary was out adventuring when a rogue space rock took him out of commission. Luckily he ended up at a friendly custom spaceship shop able to fix up his spaceship and other equipment, for a cost of course.

Destroy space rocks to gain asteroid ore that can be traded in for Galactic Credits. Space Pirates will try and attack you, but some of them carry Galactic Credits with them. Upgrade your ship between rounds for your favorite feeling and looking build.

It's Asteroids, with some customization options. You know Asteroids! But just in case:

< Arrow Key or "A"     | Turn Left
> Arrow Key or "D"    | Turn Right
^ Arrow Key  or "W" | Engage Thrusters
Space Bar                        | Fire Weapon System

- All art, code and design by MF of Endmark Games
- One song by Abstraction — Three Red Hearts
- One song by Chippy Music


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Can you please add WASD support?

I should be able to get it updated before the deadline!