As Lasso the Cowboy Bull you'll bullrush through levels filled with killer cacti and treacherous jumps as you bounce off your lasso to pull off acrobatic stunts beyond the ability of any other bovine.

Originally made for GDKO, a game jam tournament hosted by Xanderwood.

Round 1 Task: Create a playable character with a unique ability.

Round 2 Task: Create a 'toy' for your character to interact with.

HTML Update
- The HTML version contains rooms for both round task submissions.
- The tutorial is still included for jam participants who didn't play in Round 1. Also Lasso has some new moves.

>>> Recommend Windows build for best experience (full screen and more responsive movement)<<<

Recommend: Gamepad Controls (Xbox layout) // Only able to test with an Xbox controller
D Pad | Movement
A | Jump
X | Throw Lasso (8 direction) — can bounce off of it twice until grounded again or hitting a swing
X Again | If the lasso is out you can recall it by hitting X again
B | Bullrush (dash)
Y | Shield (press again to put it away)

Keyboard Controls
WASD | Movement
J | Jump
| Throw Lasso (8 direction) — can bounce off of it twice until grounded again or hitting a swing
K Again | If the lasso is out you can recall it by hitting J again
L | Bullrush
Space | Shield (press again to put it away)
In Case You Encounter Any Bugs:
R | Restart Room
Hold Shift and press R | Restart Game

- All art, code and concept by MF of Endmark Games.
- Thaleah Fat font used in game (from Tiny Worlds on
- Rewild 64 palette by Kelbster on Lospec.

Special Thanks to my wife, AirBear, for supporting me during round one!

Huge thanks to Xanderwood for hosting.  Grateful for the inspiration and education from folks like Shaun Spalding, Benjamin Anderson, Aaron Craig, Slynyrd, Pixel Pete, AdamCYounis, Vimlark, Jonas Tyroller, DevDuck, Brandon James Greer, and the YoYo Games Community. 

Featured Plays

Vimlark plays the Round 1 version of Lasso.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art


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