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Does The Defuser still have what it takes to read people and calm a situation, or has he gone too far down the bottom of a bottle? You decide in this interactive story.

Round 3 entry for the GDKO jam hosted by Xanderwood. This round's task was to create a game without any art and tell a story.


Special Thanks to my wife, AirBear, for supporting me during GDKO!

Huge thanks to Xanderwood for hosting.  Grateful for the inspiration and education from folks like Shaun Spalding, Benjamin Anderson, Aaron Craig, Slynyrd, Pixel Pete, AdamCYounis, Vimlark, Jonas Tyroller, DevDuck, Brandon James Greer, and the YoYo Games Community. 


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Actually had alot of fun with this one trying to collect all the story points. Great job at implementing a way to get the player to wanna spend more than a few minutes with it.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback.